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How TOKKI Kids increased average order value 30% and product uploads by 700%

- Automated Product Listings from images helped Tokki get items to market faster,
- Increased average order value as people can find more items online in their size and buy more
- Saved Monthly ( 45 hours * $20 = $900 saved monthly)

45 hrs

Saved Monthly

100 → 800

Increased item uploads


B2C, Pre-loved


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Tokki Kids is a curated shop of great pre-loved clothing for littles and growing families based in Toronto. The business is proud of their commitment to minimize textile waste through sustainable practices. The business has a brick and mortar presence as well as a Shopify store.

Landscape for D2C businesses is changing. Brand awareness, discoverability, speed to reach customers fast are key ingredients to make the business grow.

What can you do without breaking the bank?

As a brand, you need to drive product discoverability, reduce time to market without breaking the bank.

Increased product volume, search engine optimized product detail pages are closely related. If you are able to upload thousands of products on your website faster, label products and write search engine optimized descriptions, your sales will increase and as a result the revenue will too.

Challenge: Time taking to manually prepare the Product Detail Pages for hundreds of unique products every month

With every product upload, the Tokki Kids’ team plans for a faster way to upload inventory on to the Shopify platform and populate products with features so the products are discoverable on their website when the user finds them. They want to be able to do it faster, so they have their online store populated with newer items each day to reach more growing families.

✏️ Manually typing the product features and descriptions for each item can take 2-4 minutes per listing. This can be done one item at a time in Shopify or through an excel sheet. For example a jacket can have multiple features.

👕 Maintaining volume can be hard on the website. When there are too many products, it’s time taking to upload multiple products. This can lead to reduced revenue as customers are not able to check all the clothes from physical store, online.

👩🏼‍💻 Optimizing the listing to Search engine for better discoverability

The Solution: Automated and search engine optimized product features, tags and descriptions which increased online sales, product discoverability and helped her expand from kids pre-loved to adult pre-loved items

SnapWrite AI enables Tokki Kids to generate product features and descriptions from images publish it to their Shopify store in seconds.

Tokki Kids published items on their online store 3.68 X faster through SnapWrite AI’s automation.

Why Tokki Kids chose SnapWrite AI?

Speed: They can publish their items faster on their Shopify store. It takes only 2 seconds for all the features and descriptions to be populated, this helps save time and maintain budget.

Online Inventory Expansion:  They can continue to focus on uploading items on their online store and increase item count over a month/ week as they don’t have to spend time manually typing the product features, descriptions, collections.

Search Engine Optimized Listings increasing visibility: Their product listings are now search engine optimized.

Time saved is money saved. The time saving and more inventory on the online platform has positively impacted the sales and revenue of Tokki Kids.

Let us know if you’re interested in similar solutions that Tokki Kids has. You can book a time to chat with our team here.

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