We help resellers get their items to people faster

Automate product digitization, SEO and create resale potential for your items using our image-to-text technology.
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brand new, wholesale, pre-loved, vintage store owners
Product attributes labelled
Hours Saved

Enhance product search, increase conversions and power through resale commerce catalogue creation 10X faster

Increase product discoverability on your site

Customers can easily what they are looking for as the products are well attributed. If someone is looking for a 'full-sleeve black shirt' on your site, they will be find it this time.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) product feed

Well attributed listings improve product search-ability. We do the heavy-lifting of finding the right tags for every product.

Increased sales conversion

Generate multiple listings faster at a reasonable cost. Well-attributed products have enhanced sales for our customers and helped them scale their online store quickly.

Add a revenue stream by adding resell potential to items

Digital id creation enables shoppers to resell their items. This helps retain customers and bring new customers in the door.

How it works


Upload images to generate a product feed.

Integrates with Shopify, Custom Cart, Google Shopping
Generated by snapwrite
Upload your Images and see product features

SnapWrite recognizes and extracts relevant product information in a bulk-view

You can edit these features and add extra features to curate the listings to your liking.
Additional features added by the users
70% Cotton, 30% Polyester

The digitized data is integrated into your inventory system, ready for reselling

Your listing will be enriched with all it's customized components which will integrate in any platform you are using Shopify, Etsy, Custom Cart, et cetera.
This is a long black V-neck dress with adjustable straps and a side slit that follows the curves of the body. This imported dress is perfect for the evening. It's made from 70% Cotton and 30% Polyester.

Integrates with

We know how boring t it can be to manually create a product feed and enable circularity for items, we are here to automate it for you


Founder, Bon-Tot, Resale/CircularRetailer


Founder, Piece by Piece Kids


Founder, Tokki

I have been able to do more in the same amount of time. I was like manually writing up all the titles and putting in the size and brackets and typing everything. Now I don't have to copy and paste my little template of like size, brand. It's ability to reduce the redundancy of creating listings where I only have to enter the size once and now it goes into all the places where I need it. SnapWrite is reducing the work of having to do the same input of information multiple times in a way to, to sort of batch everything instead of doing everything one by one.


Founder, Piece by Piece Kids

Snapwrite helped us extract relevant information from pictures faster than we would have done it manually. It allowed us to semi-automate an information extraction process for complex data and reduce the cost of processing pictures. The team was responsive to our needs, it was a pleasure working with them.


Founder of Epipresto
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