Cherry Pick Vintage Unveiling Fashion’s Hidden Gems

HaoHao Du

April 20, 2023

What is Cherry Pick Vintage?

Cherry Pick Vintage is an emerging vintage store in Langley that offers a carefully curated collection of fashion treasures sourced from ten vintage vendors.

How did you get started?

The store was born out of a unique opportunity and shared passion for clothing. Andrew, one of the founders of Cherry Pick Vintage, came from a family with a rich history in clothing recycling, spanning three generations. “We are fortunate enough to have access to 1000s of 1000s of pounds of clothing every single day,” says Brooklyn, another founder of Cherry Pick Vintage. After recognizing the potential of vintage, pre-loved pieces, and their access to this unique resource, the power couple embarked on their journey, bringing Cherry Pick Vintage to life in October 2022.

Who is part of the immediate team and how did everyone meet?

The team consists of the founder, Brooklyn, her partner Andrew, and Cole & Chanelle (@Coelscapule), both of which are key vendors within the store. Additionally, they have Kelly and Alex, who contribute to the day-to-day operations and sales, creating a close-knit team of five individuals driven by their passion for vintage clothing. Their journey began when Andrew was seeking vintage clothing opportunities and sent a simple, random, Facebook message to Cole, which led to the beginning of a partnership and the inception of Cherry Pick Vintage.

How has your business evolved over the last 6 months?

There has been an unexpected yet remarkable transformation beyond the founders’ expectations over these last 6 months. Located in a suburb of Vancouver called Langley, the Cherry Pick Vintage team has been able to embrace a supportive small business community, engaging them through events like Easter egg hunts and in-store gatherings. 

“It was so fun. I want to do an Easter egg hunt every month now, even if it's not Easter.” says Brooklyn.

Does your team strictly do vintage or is it a combination of pre-loved as well?

While the team at Cherry Pick Vintage celebrates the appeal of vintage, they also understand the importance of staying current by providing a wide selection of pre-loved items as well. 

They deliberately steer clear of mainstream brands like Zara H&M, allowing them to curate a collection that seamlessly blends trendy elements and vintage styles.

If you are looking for a home-owned store dedicated to curating meaningful garments that carry stories of their own, then Cherry Pick Vintage, please check out some of their pieces at or instagram.